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Chris Taylor has been involved in the cleaning and restoration industry since the mid 1980’s after serving in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. While in the service he attended the University of Arizona to obtain his A&P License. After leaving the service there was no positions available for aircraft mechanics, which lead him to the restoration industry. He has worked for privately owned companies, franchises, and also served as a trainer and supervisor before being promoted to Director of Education for a national franchise organization. As the Director of Education, Chris developed a new collegiate style training system including computer based training, certification classes, and a career development path for technicians to take them from new hires to master technicians. He also initiated and facilitated the company’s transformation from offering only water extraction services to providing water damage restoration following accepted industry standards. Chris designed, built and implemented their first ASD training facility and consulted with them after his resignation on their second facility as well as continuing to teach for them. Over the course of his career, Chris has trained thousands of students winning awards for his efforts in helping technicians and management to raise their level of productivity and professionalism.

Currently Chris’ activities involve consultation with clients, third party water damage file reviewing, working in the field, teaching courses, and spending time with his children. Chris serves on multiple committees and boards including the IICRC Standards Committee and SCRT Board of Directors. He is the current the IICRC Restoration Standards Vice Chairman, the IICRC S500 Committee Vice Chairman, and the Vice Chairman for the IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) certification course. He formerly served as the IICRC Applied Structural Drying (ASD) Technical Advisory Chairman, but has passed that torch to free up some of his time. He holds MTC, MSR, MWR, and WLS designations and is an IICRC Approved Instructor in the categories of WRT, ASD, CCT, CMT, UFT, and LCT.

Chris is blessed with two wonderful children, a daughter in college that is studying to be a psychologist and a young son that is homeschooled. His years of training and public speaking experience, coupled with vast field experience as everything from a cleaning/water damage technician to a CAT site administrator for large commercial water damage projects has given him a well rounded ability to educate his students to become better and more efficient in their skill sets. As a technician, he received many awards for sales and customer service, which led to a very lucrative income. Chris includes those insights and customer service skills into his classes to give the students a greater chance of success for themselves and the companies they work for.

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