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Stand Out From the Competition

Gain credibility
Many customers approach the hiring of a cleaning and restoration firm based upon a yellow page ad or a referral. However, that does not allow the buyer of your services to evaluate you along with others in the industry in an equitable manner. By participating in the CRA Select Member program, you can immediately set yourself apart from those that are not as qualified or reputable.

Level the playing field
Because all CRA Select Members are insured and licensed professionals, you will find yourself competing only with the companies that adhere to the same standards that you do. It is more likely that other CRA Select Members will have similar costs of doing business.

Gain market share
The CRA Select Member Program will be promoted along with all of the CRA members to various markets that represent buyers of your services. CRA will continue to approach other industries and organizations to promote the CRA Member Profile Search options on the website.

What about other CRA Members that do not currently qualify?
We will work with all CRA Members to gain the CRA Select Member Status. A CRA Member firm can enroll in the program and be listed as a CRA Select Member Candidate, which shows that they adhere to the CRA ethical business practices and are making progress in attaining this elite status. Another option is to have the member listed as an IICRC Certified Firm if they meet those criteria.

Program Overview

  1. Program is open to CRA members only
  2. CRA Select Member Candidates must make application for the Select Member status
  3. A fee is charged for the Application process and the first year participation ($350.00)
  4. There is annual renewal fee ($175.00)
  5. A Candidate company must meet the following organizational requirements:
    1. Be a legally organized business entity
    2. Have a current business license where required
    3. Have the appropriate contractor’s license(s) where required
    4. Have a contractor’s license(s) bond where required
    5. Have technicians with appropriate industry certifications
    6. Be adequately insured for the services offered
  6. A Candidate company must meet the following business practices requirements:
    1. Have a clean BBB report
    2. Have a good financial record
    3. Have a good reputation (customer and industry)
    4. Offer a limited guarantee of their work product
  7. A candidate company must agree to:
    1. Follow the CRA Customer Satisfaction and Ethical Practices
    2. Mediation or arbitration in the event of a dispute
    3. Have the above requirements monitored on a regularly scheduled basis for which a fee will be applied.

Select Member Standing Committee
A CRA Standing Committee will be established to review applications. The Committee will be comprised of members that do not compete with the applicant. The activities of verifying the candidates organizational and business practices will be performed by Administrative staff or a third party to ensure the privacy of a candidate’s business information. The Executive Director will either report to the committee that the candidate meets the requirements or not. The Standing Committee can also provide for an internal appeal and dispute resolution program.

A candidate that meets the requirements will be required to sign an agreement with CRA that will specify the criteria needed to continue to be listed as a CRA Select Member. Where a Select Member is experience some interim problems, a probationary program will be applied.

Limit of Liability
The Select Member listing is not a guarantee of a Member's future performance or your actual satisfaction with that Member. The information provided by the Member is reviewed and evaluated by a committee to ascertain whether the Member has met a minimum requirement in their organizational structure, business practices and customer relations program. At the time of their application the Select Member met those criteria. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and a Member’s organizational structure and performance can change over time. The listing of a Select Member is provided without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. Under no circumstances including, but not limited to negligence, shall CRA be liable to any customer or any other entity for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.
Each Select Member has agreed to the following Customer Satisfaction program.

CRA Select Member Dispute Resolution Policy

Dispute Resolution
While we hope that there will never be a dispute between a Select Member and one of their customers, we require that each Select Member agrees to handle disputes in a specified manner. Our Dispute Resolution Program is as follows:

Dispute Resolution Policy
In the best of business relationships differences may occur. Therefore, each Select Member agrees to the following procedure for the resolution of complaints as they occur.

  1. If there is a customer complaint, the Select Member agrees to address it with the customer promptly (within 2 business days if possible). The Select Member will make every good effort to resolve the issue in good faith and agrees that the following information will be recorded and submitted to CRA:
    • What the issue is.
    • How the customer would like to see it resolved.
    • Any contractual language that may have a bearing on the resolution.
    • Confirmation in writing of any agreement for resolution that was reached.
  2. If a resolution cannot be reached, the Select Member will invite a mediator to assist in resolving the issue. The mediator or mediators may be formal or informal, professional or otherwise satisfactory to both parties.
  3. If the mediation does not bring a solution, then the Select Member agrees to arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.
  4. The intent of this provision is to preserve the unity and integrity of CRA Select Member program. Nothing should be construed to prevent any party from exercising its legal and constitutional judicial rights within their jurisdiction.

Code of Ethics
As providers of cleaning and restoration services to the public, we strive to apply the following principles with those that we have a business relationship.

  • conduct our business affairs with honesty and integrity;
  • to treat our customer’s property with care and respect;
  • to render our professional services consistent with current industry standards;
  • to continue to develop proficiency in our services by attending relevant training programs;
  • to share our knowledge with others in our industry; and
  • to avoid or disclose any conflicts of interest with our customers

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